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Post Alpha Black Mod Idea

I fantasize about having a gun like the RAP-4. The only problem is, it uses 6 oz. Co2, and I've heard that it's very innacurate, and added to that pile is the fact that It uses Spyder insides and It's incredible expensive. I got an Alpha black, next best thing, so I've been thinking of making it almost as good as an RAP-4. (except for bullet-shell thing).

It won't be easy, but I think it just might be worth it, this is how I plan to do it.

A: Clip-fed. I'm tired of the huge bulky hoppers. They look unrealistic, they're heavy, they're combersome, and very annoying. So I want to use clip(s). (anyone know if there's someone selling his Alpha Black's clip? I'd be willing to buy it like on Amazon or E-bay for a reasonable price, I definately need an extra clip or two. I can imagine a few cases where people would want to sell their's.)

-So, I'm thinking of emptying out the clip of anything that protrudes inwards, and adding a small piece of sheet metal with some sort of spring system underneath that I'll sort out later. So here's the basic overview;
Green= Add in.
Blue= Remove.
Red= Problem.

The only problem is that the ballstopper is in the way, I was wondering what I could do about that... Make make one home-made, mabye cut off the end and use Gorilla Glue? Will Gorilla Glue take the stresses of the inside of a paintballgun? And then theres also the original hole from the feedneck, that needs to be stopped off, mabye with some sheet metal screwed in like a cyclone feed? or mabye nothing at all?...

B: Co2 Hidden in the stock. There are a few steps in this one. I'm planning on using a 9 oz tank, which is adaptable to normal paintball gun valves, while being (almost)small enough to fit inside the stock. As well as having a significant life span. This step include re-routing the Co2 line through the INSIDE of the gun. I won't be able to get an E-trigger with this set up, but I wasn't planning on getting one, and Semi-auto is more intense anyways . This is the one I was particurally closely thinking over, I found that the Co2 line IS BARELY long enough. But it also recquires a lot of non-reversable chop-chop, in the gun, and on the stock.
Yellow=New Co2 Pipeline Route.
Blue= Chop-Chop, Slice-Slice.

C: The most scary part. Though I may be able to pull off the other two, this is probobly the most scary one. It all depends on the physical properties of the stock, particurally its elasticity, hardness, and how brittle it is. It's sort of like surgery. I'm thinking of mabye cutting down the top of the adjustable stock, from front to back, so it can bend wider and make room for a 9-oz Co2 tank. Then mabye I cut use a saw and make a block of metal to fill in the space, then spray paint it black and keep it in place with electrical tape... That way I could truly have a 9 oz Co2 tank hidden in the stock.

Any Ideas, help or such will be appreciated, It's kinda like getting an RAP-4 with none of the down-sides, but it will take effort. (but getting $800 is also a LOT of effort!). And plus, after putting this sort of effort into my gun I think I'll start to value it like a Gold Metal...


P.S. to anyone looking to be overly critical; flaming will be met with a flamethrower, so for your own safety keep far from it.
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