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i personally am replacing my clip, but instead of getting other plastic ones, i'm buying a broken ar15/m16 magazine (super cheap, you can get a new working one for 10-20$)

i will then cut it down to the right length to fit in the Alpha (i already tried to stick a real one it, much to long)

I'll then find a way to attach it to the alpha's magazine release (simple metal work)

now my idea is purely for cosmetic purposes, but you could try and do this for your feed system rather then buying other cheep plastic ones that fall out easy, break easy etc.

real magazines are much more durable, it already has a spring in it (probably to strong, but you could cut it down to make it lighter) basically it would probably be much more sturdy and reliable then making your feed system in the stock mags, plus it would look a lot cooler
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