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okay, i quickly took a picture and drew this up in paint:


on the far left is a standard AR15/M16 magazine

to the right of that is the plastic mag that comes with the alpha black tactical, i highlighted the tab that connects into the gun in blue

third is a quick markup of the AR15 mag, blue is my proposed cuts, demonstrating the tabs i want to make in each side and vertical cuts, the red is waste

the final magazine is the new customized clip, the tabs are bent down in a D shape and will now serve as the buttons that lock it into the gun

if this is done properly, this will not only be a better looking addition to the gun, but also a more secure and sturdy magazine, and with enough work Eagle1 you might be able to make it into that vertical loader you are working on

okay cool, just found this, here is a forum describing how to disassemble a magazine
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