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If there's enough people playing (minimum of ten per team) I usually like to work with my close friends in a group of four and then each person picks a wingman or partner. Work as a close team and cover each other with two guys moving at a time is how I usually prefer to play it.

Then if it's a large field with a large amount of people playing I try to suggest assigning groups of people to different tasks. Now of course that doesn't always work since not everyone wants to be a follower and not everyone wants to be a team player, but if I can get at least one group of four to agree to lay down suppressive fire and one group to try a flanking maneuver (if the field is large enough) then it'll usually help out the rest of the team a lot. If the field is large enough, and especially if you're playing an objective based game then having guys with good eyesight to do recon work for the rest of the team is also helpful.

One thing I've noticed a lot of people suggest is for the new guys to be segregated from the experienced players and have them pulling gigs like cannon fodder or distraction, or just other basic tasks. My experience is that there's no such thing as an unimportant job, everyone with a marker can always be put to good use. Simply putting all your new guys together I find simply makes for a huge weak spot in your team rather than putting them in a situation where they can learn from more experienced players.

When I first started I found what worked well for me was to pair up with an experienced player or tag along with a group of them who were off on some kind of objective (like flanking). I would provide covering fire, scan opposing players, and basically just provide support for others. By having an experienced player giving me guidance I performed a lot better than I would have if grouped with other newbies. Grouping newbies together on their own only means that no one in that group doesn't know what to do. By at least putting one experienced player to work with newbies it means that someone knows what to do. It's the reason why in real war you never see an army full of privates under one general, there's always a bunch of sergeants providing the know how and experience with ground pounding.
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