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My opinion on paintball sniping is that it is possible, and like all ways of playing it has strengths, weaknesses, and a time and place.

I believe that a sniper in paintball is possible simply due to the fact that sniper methodology is more so about stealth than it is sharpshooting. The stealth tactics of military snipers are entirely possible to emulate in a woodsball or scenario game. The sharpshooting while it may not be anywhere close to what military snipers are capable of can still be done on a level more realistic to paintball. Anyone that is capable of using high minimalization while using stealth tactics to a high degree of concealment can be said to be using sniper methodology.

Where it gets complicated isn't in the stealth part, but more so the sharpshooting part. There are those who can use ghille suits with such patience and skill that they essentially have 90% of the sniper part down. And I honestly doubt that there's that many people who doubt that the stealth part is doable, particuarly in a long match in a large natural area.

Now the question of whether or not the sharpshooting part is possible and/or effective. As it has been brought up before, many military snipers operate from within the same ranges that many other soldiers do. Often times in urban warfare snipers will operate as snipers at shorter ranges than their infantry brothers and sisters do in non-urbanized terrain. While sniping is often portrayed as being all about making kills from rediculously long ranges it's not so much about the range.

What's more important than range is everything else that goes into the shot. Every sniper must ask themselves the following questions
- Is the shot the most effective use of my time (remember that preparation for a single shot can take very long periods of time)?
- Is the shot the best use of ammunition?
- Will the shot compromise my presence?
- If it compromises my presence will it compromise my location?
- If my presence and/or location is compromised will I still have an effective exit?
- Who am I shooting (as also said before a sniper is often used to take out specific targets or those of importance)?
- Will I have time for a second shot if I miss?
- What are the overall objectives and how will this shot impact those objectives?

Having a good answer to all of those questions for every shot in my opinion is crucial to being considered a sniper.
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