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24 hour scenario game maybe. I'm not going to say much right now about what I do, but I can hold a m110 right now. There's alot of things a real sniper has to do that I really don't understand why it would apply to paintball. Most of it has to be cut out because there is no time.
I guess you could say the guy is a sniper, but it would definitely not carry over to real life. I really don't see why you would take the time to do all the stuff a sniper does. I don't believe you have to deal with hypothermia, hunger, and heat exhaustion in a paintball game. I don't believe you need to use tracking and countertracking techniques. If you are dealing with that, something is wrong.
To me a sniper in paintball other than 24 hour is like a vietnam veteran having flashbacks at a birthday party and whipping out his knife diving for cover. It's like PTSD in a shopping mall. There are people who go overboard and become overzealous even in my platoon. Buying huge knives that will never be used for thier purpose. Well maybe it's just in case they expend 100s of rounds of thier ammo.
I believe it works in some instances. The snipers that don't put enough effort into becoming one, aren't very effective. The snipers that do put in all the effort, I believe should be in a 24 hour scenario game to get any sort of reward.
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