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Extreme can tell you better than I, but you should not, and as far as I'm concerned, CANNOT let this go and just eat it. Guess why he pulled this stunt? Because after extreme, I gave this info to a LOT of people, and let me tell you, I got a lot of PMs telling me they were getting their stuff back. Now the signifigance of this is that the sheriff, Officer Papke, and everyone else involved is SO sick of hearing about Lee's shenanigans, it's that much easier for everyone just now contacting them about it. I would be willing to bet that you will be able to solve this.
Am I saying I'm sure he has your stuff? No. Am I saying I'm sure you'll somehow get it back? No. What I am saying is that if you stay with it, you'll at least get reimbursed. (Not that I know how rare/valuable that gear is)
Talk to extreme. Follow all of the steps in the original post, call Officer Papke and any other law enforcement involved weekly (Yes I mean it) and remain pleasant and appreciative of their efforts. Last but not least, be willing to come out of pocket a little more for a small claims lawsuit as well as other options available. Above all, don't give up.
You are welcome to email me directly at and give me what details you have, I will certainly help you as much as I can. I would also like to know more about what you know of this recent "disappearing" act, this is the first I've heard of it.

Originally Posted by jollyrajr View Post
So, I'm "that guy".. I was an ardent defender of Punisher for a few years there when I still figured I'd get my markers and they'd be amazing..

Since then I've had quite a reality check (let's see.. I sent him my markers in 2000... I was 23.. Now I'm 32.. I did some growing up there and lost some of my naivete) ... So, after some threatening emails from Punisher (put a workman's lien and storage fee on MY stuff?? WTF?), I decided I'd finally file through Officer Papke like the directions at the beginning of this thread suggest..

...I got my letter today from Officer Papke telling me Punisher could not be found at his business address or phone number.. And that the case would remain on file and if they track him down that they will pick up from there..

...seriously? I have a number of markers with Mr. Kinney and a few of them I value quite a bit.. (PPS Blazer #009, in particular..).. I'd be happy with just receiving them back in whatever sort of manner I can.. But, since he's now what I would call underground, I guess I'm stuck looking into the possibility of lawsuit or even calling law enforcement proper (does this now qualify as grand theft?)..

Any suggestions? Feel free to email me [my nickname + cox dot net] if you have any suggestions or can render any help.. I'm not out to do anything but get my stuff back.. I could care less about punishing Punisher (heh..) because karma takes care of stuff like that.. But, seriously, that's at least $2000 in markers that I no longer have.. GRR.

Raj Rajadhyaksha
Mission Viejo, CA

Email me and I'll give you his home address and phone number. Unless he has moved, she'll be able to catch him there. Make sure you have followed the aforementioned steps, in that order. It tells law enforcement that you are serious and want their help. Also, you need to scrounge up EVERY bit of evidence you can find. Bank statements, receipts, even an email from him discussing the work to be done, and that he's received the gear can be vital. For what it's worth, no one has luck at is business address. If he were to get a subpeona served at home however...

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