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Originally Posted by warfinge View Post
I wonder if we will all live long enough to see the last marker home? C'mon Lee, I know you are subbed. Send Raj his markers back. Be a man.
So far Lee only likes to make up stories about how he heard I was dead, and then threaten me with workman's liens.. It has always been a mainstay of anger that-- if I was dead, Lee would contact my address, email, or phone number to find out what to do with my stuff.. After all, should I die, wouldn't my stuff go to my legal heirs? But, since I'm very much alive, I'd just like to get my stuff back and write off my whole experience as something to learn from..

I wish I could say "Ah, Lee's a good guy.. He'll do the right thing..", but ... I've had too many experiences where I've been proved wrong.. Remember that $300 pneumatic-assist Warrior I bought that arrived leaky? It never did find its way back to me when I sent it back.. Odd..


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