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I've read alot about stealth on this thread. Please explain to me how to move through thick brush and not make noise. I've noticed on the commercial fields where I play there are no areas of thick brush to start with. Even on a field 200 yards square teams of 12 to 25 use the entire field. Paint balls and foot traffic have removed most of the small branches and small bushes. Once you start moving through the heavy brush area you start making it not a heavy bush area. How do you see where you are going? What do you do when you stumble over the other guy hiding in the bush? Feel like a fool? Everyone knows not to fire from a bush but fire into a bush. Your range is limited to several feet if you are lucky but anyone firing at you can still hit you with heavy splatter.
I tried this once at a different field. The place was full of thick brush with small trails everywhere. The regulars there couldn't understand why anyone would want to move through the bushes. Because of this the bushes were thick as a wall, couldn't see more than 10 feet. I came face to face with the other team and we both got each other. Big whoop. We were making so much NOISE trying to push through virgin growth, between our breathing and grunting and trying to KEEP OUR MASKS ON we never heard each other. Not to mention we had ZERO effect on the game. Unless you have all day to take and so large a field that teams are not setup at a double arm interval from left tape to right tape then go ahead and do the things posted above. If you play paintball at a commercial field most of these stealth ideas will not be useful.
If you go out into the woods sit and listen for a while. You will hear cracking and popping. If there is a breeze you will hear trees rubbing against each other. Dead branches fall. Animals scurry about. Now have someone go with you and have them try to sneak up on you while you close your eyes. See how close they get as they walk at different speeds and stealth levels. Open your eyes and see how close they got to you. If they are in good range to hit you with a paintball gun consider yourself dead. Now do this again but first sprint 50 yards and have your mask on. Listen to what you can hear now.
I've walked up behind my own team talking out loud saying "friendlies on your six!" and "Where are they?" and I have to repeat myself and almost yell to be heard. If they can't hear me when I'm just 10 yards away talking to them and wanting to be heard do you really expect them to hear the other team that is more than 3 times as far away? I've never heard the enemies balls rattling in a pod while playing. Water sloshing in a canteen? Really? What did you bring the water on to the field for if you are not going to drink it? Am I supposed to drink the whole canteen all at one time? Again have someone take half a canteen and go 45 yards away and just start walking towards you and find how close they have to get to you before you hear the water.
Noise and light discipline means no metal on metal clinking and no shinny reflective materials. I know some very good woodsballers and stealth is not a priority unless they are playing a sniper in a scenario game.
The creed is Shoot move and communicate, not Hide and hug the ground.
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