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Originally Posted by Donnachaidh View Post
I'll bet a small claims lawsuit will work wonders. It's not that much for piece of mind.
My only prediction on why she would accept that answer from him is that there are other people waiting longer (I'm hoping that's it anyway) How long has it been for you?
4 years in April. I know there are others (especially that one guy who's been waiting 10+ years), but I figured since I paid in full I'd get some priority. I also tried being an *** kisser and defended him for the first 3 years, but it got me nowhere.

The last e-mail I got (back in 06) stated that the milling was done, except for the tube feed, and after that it just needed to be annoed. I asked, more than once, to just send it back to me and I'll get it annoed myself and just consider the money I sent him for the anno the cost of labor. No reply. I have every e-mail I sent him and every e-mail I received.

The problem with a small claims suit is that I'd have to show up in Oregon...which isn't an option. It'd cost me about the price of the gun and the money I sent him to go up there.
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