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First thing you need to do is turn off the tournament lock: -

1. open grips to expose the board.
2. Turn on marker.
3. Press red button on the board.

If the LEDs on the back strap of the frame flash green, press the button again so that they flash red. Once the lights have flashed red: -

4. Turn off marker.

You can now re-programme the marker: -

1. Start with the marker turned off.
2. Pull and hold the trigger.
3. While holding the trigger down, turn on the marker.

The E and O will alternately flash white to indicate programming mode.

4. Release the trigger, and the G will turn red.

At this point, you would tap the trigger to change between adjustable parameters, but in this instance, the first parameter is the firing mode, as indicated by the G being lit up red. So we can go straight in to changing the parameter.

5. Pull and hold the trigger - the LEDs will flash the value of the current setting, and then the E will stay lit.
6. Press the power button.
7. The G will light up - pull the trigger the number of times that represents the mode you want.
8. Press the power button.
9. The O will light up - press the power button. If your setting has been accepted, the LEDs should flash green.
10. Turn off your marker.

Give that a go.
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