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Hey flamethrower. Glad to hear you're doing ok, and it sounds like you're an FFL03 now. I may have to use you next time I want a match rifle built. Since you reload, are you having trouble finding primers? I can't find them anywhere! All the hoarders are scared of obama and buying up all the primers, brass, and dies! On the brighter side I did start bullet casting again, so now it's time to go to the nearest junk yard and start popping wheel weights. Straight water quenched wheel weight alloy does the job on anything in North America.

EDIT: Since you're a gunsmith, I figured you may like this. If you've read any of my post you'd know I am a marlin and milsurp rifle fanatic. Here's the last of my marlins I worked on.

Started out as this:
(rifle on bottom)

Then went to this:

Complete action job and trigger job
Poor mans straight grip conversion (cut lower tang with hacksaw, file to wood, polish, blue)
Wood refinish, except the new straight grip butt stock.... haven't matched it yet
Barrel band modification and front stock mods, barrel is now free floating
Stainless lever
Williams FP Receiver peep sight
Williams firesight
marbles slot blank

So far I have a good load worked up with a 170gr. winchester power point and 3031. Was using H335 but 3031 is versatile and with the ammo crisis going on I don't want to have multiple powders on hand. For my rifle powders I just keep on RL-15, 3031, and H4198 and H4895. For my pistol powders I keep 296/H110, unique, 2400 and lilgun. I mostly use 296 and unique though.
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I have a 6th grade education but have alot of common sense.

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