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Every silver lining has a cloud

Wel let's start with the good news. The Karni is awesome! It shoots flawlessly. It is great! I have to watch the ROF. I burned through 1700 balls in 2 hours. I think I had more fun watching the stream of balls than actually shooting anyone.

Ok so we played at an indoor place. Wide hyperball field. It is old tennis club, converted to a field. So the usual conditions. Sawdust, mixed with large volumes of paint and water from a leaky roof.
First match 30 seconds into the game, i decide to move from one place to another. This is where things went bad. I cannot run to save my life. The people I am playing against are all new. So no need to move fast anyway. I was about 5 feet from the bunker and I planted my left foot. Well it went a direction that is not natural. Really not natural. I went superman like to the ground. I saved the marker. It never touched the ground. My knee hurt, but not very bad. Like a dumb az$, I kept playing. I finished up and went home. Boy did my knee stiffen up. Now it was hurting badly. I slept and the next morning the wife and I went to urgent care. I was sitting there and my let side started to hurt. I walked it off a couple of times, but then it was like someone was drilling into my side. Se off to the ER we went. We hit the door and within 5 minutes I had an IV in and they were pumping in the good drugs. Weee. Now that my head is floating and I am in lala land, I get a CT of my abdomen, and an X-ray of my knee.

Long story longer, after more tests. It turns out that I have a 7mm kidney stone moving from my kidney and my bladder. On top of that I may have either a torn ML or a torn meniscus. So an MRI tomorrow and I will know for sure.

Well I am tired, so off to bed I go.
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