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i had a bloody bruise that ended up being a scar.

me and a couple guys were playing at a local field...we'll just say ME, Abe, Sam, Joe and a bunch of others as well. So, my team pretty much dominated the 1st few games, then the other team started stepping it up a notch. One of their players, Abe, was doing extremely well at shooting people from a distance. Some guys asked him to crono his gun....a whopping 350fps (approx. 238mph). So he adjusts it, supposedly, and plays the next game. The game is almost over, it is just ME and him on one. I go down the right side, he comes up the left side (the side facing me from his direction). So...pop...I get hit in the elbow from about 10 feet away...holy f*** that hurts. My elbow starts bleeding, I ask him to crono it again...325fps. He got kicked off the field. Anyways...I now have an awesome "battle scar" from paintball.

and then theres my fire hose and friend were playing paintball...he shoots me in my fire hose and it starts bleeding...since then i've always put on padding

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