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I have a trilogy that I need a hopper for. I don't shoot fast (never above 4-5 bps) I just want to be assured that there will be a ball in the chamber when I fire and I've basically norrowed my choice to the Reloader II because of: sound activation, price, style.

But I also noticed that Halo used to make something called the TSA Backman that is still available on some sites for about the same price so my first question is. Was tilt compensation a noticeble improvement for aggitating gravity-fed hoppers?

It sounds great but nowadays you can hardly find these and Reloader IIs are all over the place (that doesn't prove the Reloader was better designed/built but doesn't bode well for the TSA.)

Also I've noticed that there is a new force-fed invert/halo hopper called the TOO. Of course I don't "need" a force-fed hopper for a mech gun but it is in my price range and the force feeding would negate any of my concerns about the Tilt-Compensation stuff but what do people mean when they say "over-kill" do they mean I've spent fifteen extra bucks I didn't need to or do they mean this is way to much hopper and will be force-feeding twenty bps down your gun and won't work at all? If it is sound activated it should only "work" while I'm firing but if it turns on for one second and tries to feed me twenty balls that could be bad, right?
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