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Originally Posted by splatface View Post
How often should I grease it?
I'm pretty sure it's a smart parts tactical barrel.

Also, this would be my first electro-pneumatic marker, so I'm not familiar with the way these work (specifically, how they recock). And being that it's low pressure, does it have a reg on the gun, because I have a high-pressure HPA tank, and I don't know if I'd have to reset the reg on the tank. If you could give me a brief rundown on how it works, I would really appreciate it. And finally, what battery do you think works best/longest?
For optimal performance, I would clean and regrease it after every time you play, but you could probably go about 4-5 cases of paint or more before you start to see any negative effects from not having fresh grease on the marker. From what I have experienced, Ions/Vibes/SP1s seem to be able to go for a long time without maintenance, however that does not mean you should test that theory.

As far as how they work, the air holds the bolt back and the rear volume chamber is filled with gas. When you pull the trigger, the solenoid vents the air from the front of the bolt. The air in the rear volume chamber then pushes the bolt forward. When the bolt is all the way forward, the middle section of the bolt slides past a seal which allows the air in the volume chamber to vent through the bolt and fire the paintball. The air is channeled to the front of the bolt again pushing it back and the cycle repeats.
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