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Don't put oil in the ASA, that will give you nothing but problems. In fact, don't put anything in your ASA except for air.

Lubing an ep is different than oiling a mechanical. With a mech gun, you are putting oil into the ASA, on the theory that the air will carry the oil to all the springs and seals along the way. That's a real bad plan with an ep, because the solenoid isn't designed to be oiled that way, and if you have a delrin bolt, that can swell when it gets oiled. All you need to do is buy some proper lube, like the Dow 33, and using your finger, put a light coat on in the areas you need it. You are only trying to lube specific points, not the entire thing.

In fact here: is a breakdown on how to maintain a Vibe, which is very similar to the SP-1. As you'll see, it's really very easy! (Thanks distorted, I hope you don't mind me pointing people in your direction)

Edit: looking at the SP-1 manual, it looks like the only difference is you have two small screws to take off, instead of one big one. Other than that, it is still very simple, pull out the bolt, use a little grease, and you are done.
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