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This might be a dumb question but I just want to make sure. I just recently got a Proto slg and just wanted to know if it was normal for it not to fire for a few seconds after you pull the trigger if you have no paint in it and the eyes are on. I'm just trying to test fire to make sure it works cause I still need a tank a better hopper for it so I can't really fire it yet.
The eye system is actually there to stop the marker firing unless there is a ball in the breech. As such, no, the marker will not actually function normally unless you are feeding paint in to it.

Neither will the marker work normally if you just block the eye to simulate there being a paintball in place - that would work for one shot, but only one shot. The eyes also look for the bolt opening and closing between shots - if the eye is blocked constantly, then the marker assumes that the eye is broken or dirty, as it never sees the difference between the bolt being in the forward or back position. The marker's board decides there is something wrong with the eye, and so drops the rate of fire.

In order for the marker to work as it should - with the eye on - you need to shoot paint through it. Otherwise, just turn the eye off.
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