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For a reg to fly off an HPA tank you'd have to one major major failure. Simply tripping and falling onto the tank won't cause the tank to just fly off reg. And as for cutting someone in half if it did well, i kinda doubt it. It would really depend on the size of the person, how far away they, and how fast the tank is traveling at the time. Even then it's doubtful to me that it would completely pierce someone. Still though a HPA tank that might happen to fail and fly off and strike someone is still very very dangerous and can very well kill the person it hits. To greatly avoid something like though i wouldn't try to take your reg off to service it yourself unless you know exactly what you're doing, be mindful when you're unscrewing it from the gun that the reg isn't unscrewing instead (had that happen to me), if you're using a CF tank invest in a nice cover, and also read through this sticky.
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