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My first impressions with SP-1 blackheart


This is an awesome marker. I paid some xtra bucks for the upgrades but it all turned out to be great. The marker did not break any balls. (Shot over 3000 paintballs). The dye loader kicks a$$. It takes seconds to take the loader apart to clean. The ninja 68/4500 is awesome but a bit heavy. The remote line is a nice upgrade and very helpful if you are out there 8 hours in a row.

I totally love this setup.

I was able to shoot at the same spot over and over again. Loving this marker. The BT apex barrell is alright.

Cons: Nothing with the marker, loader or the tank. However, I definitely need a vest, something like

I am type of a runner in the field. The tank is heavy and the harness keept sliding down my lower back. Half of the time, I was running with my hand on the harness.

I will upgrade the bolt with : 14

this thing reduces the marker noise so much, it's amazing. Another upgrade is to replace the barrel with:

Cannot wait to go out again...

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