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your not gonna find a much lighter tank than that besides a 48/45 a 45/45 or a 56/45. And instead of putting a ton of money in a cheap smart parts gun (It seems like thats becoming a bigger pandemic that swine flu) Just get a better gun. Lets see SP1-$175, upgraded bolt-$50, upgraded barrel-$40, blackheart- $100, plus the stock was a waste-$30-60 i dont know how much you paid. That all adds up to around $400,guess what buddy your in the BT TM-15 price range.rotor was complete waste, From what i see your spending your time in the woods so i would return the rotor and get a pinokio. Vest is not needed just get a body wrap velcro 4+1.
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3D bewbizzles?!
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