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1. Pure Energy 68/3000. Excellent shape. Out of hydro, but is still holding air, and should pass with ease. $50

2. Empire 56/45. Gureilla Air Ambush reg, in good condition. Some thread wear and cracked gauge, but working perfectly. $110


1. Dust brown Ego8 back, .693 bore, good condition, some minor scuffs. $15

2. 16" UL tip. It was baked, so it is a gloss purplish brown. Some scratches and wear, but still shoots good. $20

Gun Parts:

1. Ego7 Stock rammer and rammer cap. $10

2. Tech T Mini MRT Gold V2 bolt. $35

3. Tech T Mini MRT Delrin bolt. SOLD!

Misc. Equipment:

1. Tippman barrel condom. $2

2. Spec Ops barrel condom. $2

3. Paintball Supply barrel condom. $2

4. Eclipse beanie. $12

5. NXE 3+2+2 Russian Legion Pack. Well used and torn in some small places, still holding together. $15, pods included for $4 more.

6. Redz 4+3 XSV pack. $20, pods included for $5 more.

7. Blue Rotor Crown. Used 5-6 times, includes box and sticker. $20

8. Black Gangstar'd Vlocity. No stickers, never cut the feedneck. Some minor scuff marks from normal use, but nothing to bad. Installed a V1 Gangstar chip in it and now it is extremely fast and much better on batteries. $65

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