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Minion 7 Package:

This is my teamates Minion. Has a few upgrades, and it shoots great. I'd like to sell it as a package, but I'll part just the gun. I can also make the package even better by including a jersey, mask, or anything else you want from this sale.

Blue Minion 7
Matching Evil barrel (not Freak pictured)
Hater board
Blue laser eyes
Tech-t L7 bolt
Hybrid grips


Gun alone

Package 1: Gun, Gangstar'd Vlocity (middle of post 2), PE 68/3k (top of post 2)

Package 2: Gun, Gangstar'd Vlocity (middle of post 2), Empire 56/4500 (top of post 2)


Gun Only: $300
Package 1: $390
Package 2: $450
Feedback: PBR PBN
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