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Woodsball Tournament League-Virginia Event

Woodsball Tournament League

The first ever Woodsball Tournament League event in Virginia.
Brought to you by the WTL and Top Dog Paintball

Event info:

The WTL (woodsball tournament league) is the only league of its kind. We mix Woodsball, Milsim, Pump and Speedball together in a fun and competitive environment. We use professionally trained NPPL Referees. Unlike typical speedball tourneys that have the reputation for poor sportsmanship and cheating, the WTL is comprised primarily of Woodsball, Scenario, Pump and Milsim paintball players whose teams uphold an incredibly high standard of honor on and off the field. Unlike regular tourney's, the WTL sets itself apart by focusing on more realistic tactical play. We do not have any gun or hopper restrictions. Does your Ion have a tricked out board allowing you to shoot 40 BPS? No problem! Does your X7 have an E-Grip allowing you to shoot full auto? Bring it on! So what's the catch?, the one equalizing factor that levels the playing ground between all markers is limited ammo rules. Players are not allowed to carry thousands of rounds onto the field. Teams are comprised of 7 players. 6 regular and 1 "heavy gunner." The regular squad members are allowed two 140 round pods of paintballs PER game, and the one designated "heavy gunner" can carry unlimited paint but cannot share it. Shoot too fast, and you run out of ammo. It is in this way that the WTL is able to have teams focus on small unit tactics and movement without falling victim to the typical "spray and pray" style of tourney's that we are all used too.

We want you to only focus on working as a team and winning. It's your gun, it's your team and most importantly, our event is BRING YOUR OWN PAINT. So bring your "A" game and enjoy the company of other players who have found the W.T.L. to be a competitive, fair and fun filled day. O.K., so what's the cost? It's only $350 per team of 10. We have always believed the W.T.L. to be a pure players league. You, the players, have created the rules and the format. It has always been our policy that the players come first. We are always open to your suggestions and ideas on how to make the W.T.L. the most fun, fair and economical league to play in. We are looking forward to having you at our next event. Please feel free to contact us with questions, problems or concerns.
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