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Did a couple of trigger mods on my Spyder MR1 yesterday, took me only a couple of hours and a few simple tools.

I have no problem with the weight of the trigger pull or how far you have to pull it before it releases the bolt - it has absolutely no slack travel to take up, just a short amount of moderate resistance followed by a crisp break.

Then the trigger travels all the way back until the bottom of the two-finger trigger actually touches the grip frame, meaning you've moved your finger too far back and you have to release it a fair way before the trigger re-engages the sear for the next shot.

So the first thing I wanted to do was make a rear stop for the trigger so it travels back only just far enough to reliably release the bolt.

The other thing is: I don't like two-finger triggers.

It's a personal preference thing - I'm sure other people love them. I'm used to standard firearms and only using my index finger to fire.

The double trigger therefore means that my middle finger has nowhere to rest on the grip (as I am used to doing) so I've had to play with my middle finger extended forward, resting on the side of the trigger guard - effectively "giving the bird" to everyone to my right. Not particularly comfortable, either.

So the other thing I wanted to do was to cut the bottom section off the trigger so it was only long enough for my index finger, leaving room for my middle finger to curl around the grip as the gods and Samuel Colt intended.

I posted the details of how I did it - and what I used to do so - under the customisation section, if anyone's interested.

So now my trigger is - by my own standards - perfect. I can grip the stock in a natural position with my index finger curled around the trigger. A gentle squeeze is enough to fire the marker and there is very little rearward travel to achieve this.
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