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Hi, Keifer.

I have a SP1 with no problem at all.
I also had an A5. In fact I still have it.

The first thing you must have in mind is that the markers are different. The A5 is a mechanical one. The SP1 is a electropneumatic. It demands different care and settings.

The hiss after 45 sec in the SP1 is normal. Even after removing the tank from the marker it is still pressurized due to the regulator (not as in the A5). The hiss is the marker relieving this gas after it turns off for some time.

A few things could be wrong (already tested?):

- bad battery : just replace with a new one.
Keep in mind that even new batteries may not be good.
I use rechargeable ones so I had no trouble at all.

- Liquid CO2 : repeating fire may cause liquid CO2 to enter the regulator. A short break until it unfreeze is normal...
Avoid bursts in the beginning.

- As AmbushOrign mentioned, check the CO2/Air Setting. The default is CO2. You can check the manual on how to do this.

- Although obvious, did you try to turn the regulator screw? If it it is all closed, it won't fire. I had this problem the first time...

- Some cares before using it (too late?)
1) Always turn on the SP1 before screwing the tank;
2) Before pressurizing, turn the regulator to the lower pressure (speed) setting. Some people mentioned risk of blowing the internals (tubes, solenoid) if you donīt do so.

The on/off button is really an issue. I never had a problem with it but I read a post of a guy who took a shot on it ant started to have problems.

I never contact Smart Parts so I cantītell about their support.
But as a Tippmann owner I can tell Tippmann manuals are far better and they are very helpful to replace parts.
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