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Hello everyone, thanks for the replies.

Couple of thoughts:

Through the course of this problem, I did check all of the items mentioned here, including dwell settings, batteries and regulator. I will admit, however, I did not check the regulator on this last failure - only the first one. Still, it did fire four shots normally, before ceasing to fire all together.

I can't confirm or deny the liquid CO2 getting into the gun. The blow off valve hissed on this last failure in the same manner it would if CO2 entered, but I never held the gun down. On the second try, I was careful to keep tank and gun vertical to ensure no CO2 entered. The gun charged, did not fire at all, then the blow off valve hissed. It is like it is clogged or something.

Kinda makes me wish I checked that regulator again before shipping it out today. Still, the power button was a mess so it needed to get serviced anyhow.

I guess my main issue is not what the problem is, but rather that it continues to have any problems at all. A gun with less that 1000 balls through it should not have any solenoid issues, power switch issues, clogging, freezing, or whatever other issue it has. I think that the purchase was a mistake because I don't want to have to baby it (although I was really good to it), go through some special procedure to get it operational, fiddle with the regulator every time, etc...

I think it should simply work. If it doesn't, it should be replaced with one that does. I have given this marker a shot and it is not working out. Today I spent another $13 on shipping that I feel I should not have to spend.

Smart Parts will not yield and that is unfortunate. They will lose my business due to this.

Still, I would urge others to consider that, based on my research and folks resonding here, many SP-1 markers are functioning perfectly. I seem to be in the minority. Also, they have been very communicative, if that is a word. The tech department has responded professionally to all of my emails and they are very willing to do whatever it takes to make my gun work. They just won't give me an exchange...

I received a new Tippmann 98 Custom Pro ACT. It worked perfectly in testing and I can't wait to take it out to play. All I need is reliable and I hope the 98 proves better.
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