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D_Day 2010

It's not to early to start signing up for The Annual
Oklahoma D-Day again. THis year the main event
falls on June 12th, but players will start taking part
in daily min-scenarios almost a week before that.

For more details just click on the link or drop me a
note, or give my office a call.

All told we're expecting around 3,000+ players, plus
they've added a new beach landing area, as well as
some new trenches. That'll mean you'll have about
700 acres to take if you've joined the Allies and
that much territory to defend if you join the Germans.


Brigadier General Andy Van Der Plaats
J-1, Office of the CofS, SHAEF
"in bello, parvis momentis magni casus intercedunt"
Office: 407.563.3884
Cell: 239.410.9632

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