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Originally Posted by DM5GUY View Post
I Suggest you don't wash the inside of your lenses, for that is not made to be touched with water, for the goggles will fog. I like Plexus, for it works me wonders.
LOVE me some Plexus!! get it at any motorcycle supply shop, (it's made for cleaning/polishing helmet visors) never have found it in a paintball store.
& ALWAYS use a microfiber towel, even old T-shirt can scratch your lens.

I don't recommend Plexus on the inside, will still fog if really humid out. Anti-fog wipes meant for the inside of windshields or the bathroom mirror work pretty well, otherwise just gotta keep that inside surface just as clean & dry as possible.

The reason there are so many bulls**t "anti-fog" products out there is that manufacturers know we will by $5 for 2oz of junk on the fly... so don't buy that stuff. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."
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