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My fun SP1 MilSim Modified Smart Parts SP1

Here is my Mil-Sim modified Smart Parts SP1

Suppressor (Fake of course) Home made out of 1 ” PVC pipe and two PVC Fittings, 4 set screws
Smart Parts Progressive 14" Barrel – Much, Much more accurate than the stock barrel
Smart Parts Double Trigger – For the quicker two finger trigger action
Trinity Wire Stock - For more Stable long shots in the woods and aggressive looks; I wanted something different than the Carbine Stock Look that most upgraded SP1s have.
TufForce Premium Weaver Rail Covers - Sets it apart from the usual SP1 “All Rails Look”, giving it the curved sides look of an MP5
TufForce Sling Swivel for Belt Sling – So I can let it hang from my neck/shoulder and not have to hold the gun off the field in between games; essential since I use a remote air supply
Shoulder Sling Adapted from a duffel bagstrap– Adapt, Improvise and save some money
RAP4 Coiled Remote – I like how it lightens up the marker without the tank hanging on it. Just put an inline on/off switch on it.
Tippmann Triumph Electric Hopper – I like the Bend Sensor Technology to keep those balls moving, I don’t need to shoot over 10 balls per second in the woods.
Flip Handle Feed Neck Upgrade – To remove the hopper; Much easier than the stock two screw set up

The Silencer really does get alot of attention. I almost bought a Suppressor from a couple different sources but I couldn't get myself to pay that $40 to $70 for the ones you buy on the internet. I found the tutorials on making your own. I enjoyed adapting the plans to fit my SP1 and the 14" barrel that I have.
$4.00 for PVC pipe, $2.00 for ends and set screws, $3.50 for flat black paint....watching the Noob's eyes pop out when I take off the barrel sock....Priceless!!!!

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