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Originally Posted by paintballjames View Post
What do you play?
Saxophone. I play alto and tenor, but recently my role in this band has shifted from playing both to just playing tenor.

our myspace is Best song on there for an example of my playing is "Gone Away" Excuse the out of tune singing, the singer's monitor was too quiet and he couldn't hear himself at that show, has been fixed since. This was recorded straight off the board at a show we played a month ago. "C Jam" is another good one, although I don't think I play till the last minute of the song.
Originally Posted by thepeashooter View Post
A limo is picking me up in 1 hour to go downtown Vancouver. Where I will watch Team US get Humiliated.

Wish I could afford to go to the game. But something about $100,000 for 4 seats is a little much.
You Canadians really take getting your butts handed to you pretty seriously.
Originally Posted by JasonA View Post
You are smart.
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<-- legend. like a mod, but without powers or motivation.

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