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The good: Friends from Indianapolis came down for the full weekend. Went and saw movies and played basketball on friday, I had a test on saturday which we promptly celebrated afterwards. Got a hot chick's number at the test. Then we helped my roommate pack before he went to Japan and played ChatRoulette. Saw boobs on CR and then a friend called us up to hang out. More on that in next section. Played 21 at the courts this morning and I won a game. Friends just left and I'm chilling in a single.

The bad: Friend who called us up sounded completely sober. He gets here, and he's not. My RA has been in and out of the room while my roommate has been getting ready to leave, so we cut out and my drunk friend says he wants Qdoba. We walk to the other side of campus with a drunk kid to get breakfast burritos. It was good, though, because everyone in the Qdoba was drunk. I got a full drink tossed on me and a friend by some drunk guy, and my friend tipped back over in his chair. Then we walked back, drunk kid got in a fight with his roomie, he went home, and then we just chilled in my room until we went to sleep at five.

Basically, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
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