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Originally Posted by inuyasharox4776 View Post
Worst position I have ever been to was at a rave once Justice started performing. before then it was a little crowded, but not bad. Justice came up, and here comes the cluster**** of people. I literally didnt have my feet on the floor for the full hour and a half set.
This really does sound awesome. I think the worst position I've had was when I got pushed to the right side of the stage at an Alexisonfire show, but since it was Warped and the stage was small, I was behind the guitar amp. I couldn't hear any of what I wanted to hear, besides the vocals.

The best I've had was when I picked a random spot in the pit for P.O.S. and ended up having him come out right next to me to perform.

Eff, stop showing such amazing bike pictures.
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