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It's the E talking.
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I just checked my application for OSU and I got declined. Dammit, the school I should have been able to get into declined me, which basically means I wont get into my other 2 schools.
some random chick just added me on myspace:
"Hey there, Im glad you accepted obol my request since you seem like a nice person :-) Anyway.. my name is Ashley and I've been looking jogs for a cool guy to talk to. I'm usually out doing something cobb or at home watching movies. I reis think you seem like someone who knows how to have fun and was curious if foss you'd rose be interested in getting coffee sometime? I tams was coot trying to send you kilo some pictures, but leis it keeps giving me some error. viol I kaki could send dopy them to a ughs yahoo or hotmail account if you one. Well thanx for the add again and I cory hope to hear from you soon. " Tarp?

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