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Originally Posted by A-5best View Post
Anyone know that song by some relatively well known metal band, i think it may have color or something in the title. The album cover is like a black background with different color lines forming angles and there may or may not be a city in the background as well....? I know its vague but Ive seen it several times.

Edit: Colors by BtBAM.
Best. Metal. Album. Ever.

I cannot get over that album. The live album of it is amazing, because they do not break from it at all. It's everything they did in the studio live. And Tommy's voice is still killer.

EDIT: Oh dear god, Speedy. Seriously, that's why I stopped going there. That, and everybody had retarded avatars of asses and kept talking about "agg" this and gucci sandana that.
Get me out of paintball!

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