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kid sent me a pm asking if it's true. i feel a little ashamed of myself actually. its like abusing an animal that can't defend itself.

My god.

BTW Evil, sorry to hear about the womenz troubles.

The Good: I got a phone call today informing me that I have been hired for a law internship this summer. I'll be working on the executive floor with a team of high level corporate insurance attorneys and getting paid way more than I should for it. For the last month and a half I thought I botched the interview and wouldn't get hired, so this is awesome. I may be able to make occasional returns to the paintball field this summer once the paychecks start coming in. Not being broke will be awesome.

The Other Good: Tonight is the beginning of my spring break.

The Other Other Good: Hung out with coolest girl I've met in ages last night. Let the games begin. I don't even care whether or not she makes good sammiches. Yep, that cool.
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You are smart.
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<-- legend. like a mod, but without powers or motivation.
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