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Originally Posted by spydadude View Post
EDIT: Oh dear god, Speedy. Seriously, that's why I stopped going there. That, and everybody had retarded avatars of asses and kept talking about "agg" this and gucci sandana that.
I always wonder what their mommy would say if they saw their avatar.

And pbn hk/agg threads are instant humor. Basically dudes posting pics of themselves to ask other dudes on the interwebs if they are cool or not. And the fact that you can take a treetrunk sandana, bury it in the backyard for a month, run it over with a car a few times and then sell it for $500 cuz its mad agg. Sensible people would just call it "dirty."

There are some very intelligent people posting on pbn, but it's like those where's waldo books. Hard to find that *******.

Originally Posted by lotus_esprit5 View Post
The Other Other Good: Hung out with coolest girl I've met in ages last night. Let the games begin. I don't even care whether or not she makes good sammiches. Yep, that cool.
Ever heard the phrase, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"?

She probably has testicles. Irreconcilable similarities, cut the cord.

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