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Originally Posted by speedy2k4 View Post

Ever heard the phrase, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"?

She probably has testicles. Irreconcilable similarities, cut the cord.
Irreconcilable similarities, lol.
Originally Posted by banderson View Post
While I agree with you that she probably has balls, I don't think I would cut the cord just yet. I would hang out with her for a little while; at least 'till you get a peek under the hood. If everything is kosher down under, then I keep her 'till you find out what the real problem is, then reevaluate at that point. Once the testicle hypothesis has been disproved everything else isn't nearly as bad and hanging out with a cool girl outweighs whatever she is hiding.
The testicle hypothesis is a pretty remote possibility, I don't see how she would have fit a pair in the pants she was wearing the other night. But then again there are plenty of emo kids around here do could do it, so you never know.

Ditto on hanging out with her till I find out what the real problem is. There's always something wrong even if it's not obvious right away. Usually I spot "problems" (by problems I mean personality issues, not testicles) within a few minutes of talking to a girl, and after that point I'm not even remotely interested beyond a certain point. Its really frustrating, but I know what I want and don't feel like wasting my time with anything else. Anyway we'll see how this one goes, but she shows a lot of promise.
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You are smart.
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<-- legend. like a mod, but without powers or motivation.
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