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Originally Posted by slaminator3323 View Post
If this hasn't been mentioned.
For the love of God, don't take a regulater/valve off a HPA/co2 tank while the tank is pressurised.
I know That this post is old, but it holds truth. I am indeed speaking from very fresh expirence. On 13Apr10 I went to a filling station to have a CO2 tank filled. The opperator tried to fill my tank but he said that it wasn't filling and thought that the burst valve might have went bad. He tried to remove the burst valve and successfully rounded it so that a wrench would no longer work. after clamping a pair of vice-grips onto it, we were able to loosen it up. (Unbeknown to me the opperator had not properly discharged the tank prior to attempting to remove the burst valve.) The CO2 began to leak out around the burst valve and then in a amount of time it takes for you to blink the pressure stripped the threads off the loosened burst valve and spiral-rocketed out of our hands and into the ceiling. Total flight time was about 2 seconds. Thankfully the only damage was to the CO2 tank and that no one else was in the area at the time.

None of this should have happened had the proper precausions and procedures been followed. Trust me when I say the CO2 tanks we use for our sport are just as dangerous as the tanks used to fill them. Handle these and the other types of air tanks with care; They are only as strong as the weakest part/area.
Play safe.
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