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Originally Posted by JasonA View Post

1980 Yamaha 850

I just finished getting mine in running condition today. The guy I bought it from seemed to think that bikes maintained themselves. After changing all the fluids and tightening the cam chain ( I didn't know a loose one would make the engine sound like it was about to blow up.), it runs like a champ. Very smooth and quit, and the price was right. Super low miles and came with another bike of the same model that had been wrecked with only a few miles on it. So I have the full bike, and every part for it except the frame and front fork.

And still my favorite, 1982 Honda CX Custom
Cam chain? How very odd. then again my cam gears just sit in a cover on the right side of my bike, waiting to fall out on their precious lobes when someone opens the cam chest.
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