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SP-1 velocity Screwed

i just bought a sp-1 from a guy on ebay wit ha blackheart for 150. sweet deal, the add said perfect condition. when i got it it seemed so, untill i tryed to adjust the velocity. there is a snap ring holding on a black disc, it the metal was a bit chewed. i tryed the allen wrench, the correct (5/16) size, and all it did was chew the metal more. it never even fit. do i need to take it off? i cant find any info, the instructins just show the wrench fitting in. the gun seems to work, but it wont shoot a ball. eye is on. and i cant seem to get programming the board. the guy is most likely going to tewll me to suck eggs when he sees the stripped part, he will claim it wasnt stripped when he had it. plus my idiot friend got the side of the box wet. one more thing to hinder my return. if anyone knows how to fix or replace this, it would be amazing as i do not have high hopes in returning. it wont let me post pic because this is my first post. i can email or im it.
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