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FLANK FLANK FLANK!!! if you can get behind the enemy, and take more than 1, and perhaps more than two angles on them, YOU HAVE A HUGE ADVANTAGE. I was paintballin like a week ago. It was 5 vs 5 in a woodsball game. i let 4 guys fight their 5 while i took out their flank guard and got behind them and lit up 3 more of their guys. the final guy was taken out by one of the other 4 guys on my team, but we dominated the battle, winning 5 to 0!!! Flanking is probably the biggest tool i use in paintball, but only do it if you're an agressive player and you want to take the chance of getting cornered if your teammates don't distract the enemy well enough, or if they catch on. Another big thing is knowing when to guillie up, and when to use cover. GHILLIE SLOWS YOU DOWN LIKE CRAZY!!! do not use it if you're going to get up in everybodies face. you will get owned. I carry a homemade ghillie around with me to 24 hour games and i wear it when the time is right; when your job is to guard something, when your base is being attacked, and when your doing SOME special ops or recon missions where you don't have to be able to move fast so much as stay hidden. ghillie is a great thing, but do not where it all day if your expecting to be and up close player. that's all i got for now... send me a message if your interested in my sig!!!
3 teams (red, yellow, and my blue team) last year's woodsball game: When we chanced upon the red team, our team got pinned down by their egrip users. So i went flanking around at the right, took out a red team's left flanker (who was flanking at our right flank obviously), came back to our position, then went back again to flank the red team for the 2nd time and went behind their team without noticing me. Took out one behind the tree at my left who was facing back at me, then took out 3 more remnants of the red team taking cover behind the bushes at my right.

In all, 5 red guys in 5 min to finish one opposing team, and 15 min since the game started. Despite using only a semi-auto X7 M4 Carbine, my top ghillies from military surplus store helped me a lot to blend and quickly flanked the red team behind the bushes.
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