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Looking for an old Autococker

I have always been fascinated by Autocockers, and as such have always wanted to own one. Too many players think they aren't fast enough, light enough, or efficient enough, but I disagree; as a tinkerer I think they are just about the coolest design to ever grace the market.

I'm going to college at the end of August so I don't have tons of disposable income, so if you're hoping for $500 for that Karnivor, I'll have to turn you down unfortunately. No matter how nice of a marker it is, I simply can not afford to drop alot of money right now, as I don't plan to work while I'm at school.
For that reason, I'm looking for that 'cocker you've had in your basement for 5 years that you "just want gone", or to "just go to someone who'll take care of it and get some good use out of it". Mechanical or electro, it does not matter. If it's a little beat up, or the anno is wearing off, I don't care. As long as it still shoots ok, I'm interested.

Post here before PM'ing me, please

EDIT: I live in Canada. Please factor that into your price. Thanks
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It needs more drop forwards.

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