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Marker- ego
Year/Model: 2007 ego
Main color: gunmetal gray
Contrasting colors: gunmetal gray
Board/version: 3.0
Regulator: stock
FRM: stock
ASA: stock
Frame: stock
Trigger: custom
Valve: stock
Detents: killa products
Bolt: cure 3+
Pin: stock
Feedneck: stock clamp
Ram Cap: zick kit
Rammer: zick kit
Grips: hybrid lady grip black
Anodizing: N/A
Customizing of your own: none

Barrel: dye 14inch ultralite ss front , smart parts freak 14inch AA front
Tank: 2 pure energy 45/4500 and 1 pure energy 68/4500
Loader: empire b2 and halo b
Efficiency: around 1600 shots from 68/45
Eclipse gray ego 7
Black 14 inch dye ultralite
Zick kit 2
Cure 3+ bolt
Trigger job
Pure energy 45 45
Empire reloader b2

Backup ... Smart parts ion pro , freak with AA front , trigger job, pure energy 68 45 , halo b
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