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Originally Posted by Coenen View Post


Adam and Billy Gardner really knew what they were doing when they made the old style Impulse totally more epic than ICD's lameo B2k! Who cares that they were practically the same gun!

Also...Lotus smells funny.
WOW! I just saw this post bc I rarely come in here. Children (or men acting like babie) like you being one of them. You honestly have to be a loser to come in this forum and speak as you do.

The last time I had my hands on an impulse was bc it came in a package deal with an Bushmaster. The impulse was sold on ebay with a little ICD reminder

Oh and Loser here is a reminder of what your impulse can never hope to achieve.

Stock Venom specs as follows:
Contour milled body
Polished Bore
Zenitram 15 degree ASA
Zenitram Venom spec high flow valve
Zenitram bolt
Zenitram 45 Grip or Z grip (Z grip licensed by AGD)
Dye sticky grips (45 grip only)
Zenitram Venom spec LPR adapter w/ rock reg
Zenitram manifold
Techpro board, Chaos board, or ICD board w/Tantrum chip
Larger high pressure chamber (accommodates Venom spec valve & LPR)
MacDev Gladiator
MacDev Teflon Detent
Autococker Threads (a few had ICD threads)
Feed Size Options: Medium or High Rise
Optional custom anodize
Assembled and tuned by Bushmaster techs. Mike Noble (Shrubmeister) or Tank of

My Upgrades:
T2 w/ Trigger gaurd slots and dovetail milled by JMJ. Anodized by Acidrain
Polished GBR (antichop rammer. Similar to AGD LVL10)
Quad Detents tapped by Acidrain. 4 CP detents.
Zenitram eye covers milled and anodized by Acidrain
Tantrum Bolt
Dyn2liv titanium bolt pin
Dye Rock knob
CCM Feedneck w/ cam-lock taken from another feedneck
CRCB solenoid (Same found in cyborgs and droids)
Zenitram 15degree ASA without gauge port

And thats just the ups on one of my markers. Enjoy the pictures while you realize that your immature rants make you look like an idiot while I revel in the fact that you just got spanked like the child you are....

Venom: B2K 12063

By veedoubleugee at 2010-10-24

Venom: B2k 12057

By veedoubleugee at 2010-10-24

Venom: B2K 12058

By veedoubleugee at 2010-10-24

Venom: B2K 12054

By veedoubleugee at 2010-10-24
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