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Originally Posted by speedy2k4 View Post
Replaced fluids and worn rubber items on a Corolla yesterday, also did some brake work. There is infinitely more room under that hood. Of course, I managed to drop a bolt behind the motor and it got caught in the header heat shield, which was pretty much the only place impossible to get to.

After driving that Corolla around a bit to make sure everything was in order, it made me appreciate my Civic even more. Night and day difference between two equally priced cars.


Hahaha, thanks. The MD was awesome. I need Crab Chips in Indiana asap.

I bought an 03 Volkswagen GTI with a VR6 today. This should lead to some fun times. It's a really fun car, but needs an alignment and some minor dent work this week. I plan on throwing new wheels and suspension on it and autocrossing it.
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