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getting old
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the unemployment thing is wearing on me more each day, the minute i'm honest in an interview and say i cannot stand for much more than an hour, i get sent to the bottom of the pile. that combined with the trucking business being done, and my uncle taking over the harvesting business and farming out work to drunks who will work cheaper than me, its a boring day in the end. most days are spend sitting online trying to sell some of our stuff, or driving around to places that are slightly interested in it. going to be a looooong winter.
The next time someone tells you vodka mixes with anything, give them a jar of mayonnaise and tell them its time to step up.

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I fail at life. Ebon banned me and now I am forever an outcast of the society I blame for my inbred behavior.
i am sadly addicted to the awesome work Dan at triggernomics does

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