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Originally Posted by speedy2k4 View Post
Yeah it's a 2006 Si. No VSA but it has all the other goodies.

And I hate shopping for cars too, but I've found it drives car dealers crazy when you know a lot about cars when shopping for a used one. Noticed it pulling to the right when I test drove it, asked for them to do an alignment and show me the print out, it was misaligned. And asked to check the ECU for recorded engine over speed, which the sales guy didn't even know was possible.

I plan on bringing it in next month, the wiper reservoir is missing a snap clip and leaks if you fill it all the way, and their is a TSB for replacing 1st-3rd gear sets that has never been performed on this car, so I'll have them do that. Yay warranty. Other than that, car looks and drives like new.
Very nice, Ive been interested in buyin that model of SI for a while now. Very fond of the 4 door sedans.
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