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Originally Posted by PbAllWiZZ View Post
Yea, I dont know much about guns but my Dad used to hunt and we were talking about one of his guns today. I was kinda shocked to hear how relatively inexpensive firearms are. It kind of ticked me off when I realized how much more replica ones that shoot little balls of paint are, haha.
Very few firearms in 2010 go for under 300 dollars. Mosins, carcanos, some lee enfields and mausers, and factory made budget bolt guns for hunting are about the only deals these days.

Originally Posted by FertileTurtle View Post
i don't know about guns, so i have no idea whether i want rimfire or centerfire. as for the budget, i don't know, couple hundred bucks.
If you want a levergun, my best bet to you is a marlin golden 39A in 22LR if you want the best, or a henry. The marlin would be better because its a full sized rifle, but will be twice the cost. If you want something you can hunt with, that is relatively cheap to shoot then I would recommend a mosin. I am a military surplus firearms collector and have several mosins of different variants, country, and markings. If you need any help with them I can help. You will need to really do your research on mosins before you jump into buying one though. Mostly just need to learn about cleaning cosmoline off, which is very simple if you can go to the hardware store and buy a can of mineral spirits.
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I have a 6th grade education but have alot of common sense.
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