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Originally Posted by spydadude View Post
Sorry to jump in here, but where would be the best place to purchase a Mosin? I'm contemplating buying a rifle because I want something to shoot and I have to wait a year before I can buy a Glock.
Online would be the cheapest, because most gunshops price gouge like crazy but the only problem with buying online is if you don't have a C&RFFL03 or an FFL01, you need to go through an FFL. You'll need to call gunshops if you want to order online and find out what their transfer fee is, if they even do transfers and find out how to do it. The only problem, if you pay 89 dollars for a mosin and then have to pay 50 dollars for a transfer fee then you have defeated the purpose. aimsurplus is the best place, otherwise call around to your local gunshops and see if they sell mosins and military surplus, and what they charge. Expect to pay locally anywhere from 90-150. Anything over that and I wouldn't do it.

All of my rimfires. I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten any new ones since that picture... idk. It's hard to keep track when you get as many as I do so fast.

My milsurps sans one mosin. I acquired a 1933 tula 91/30 doubled dated and MO marked, re-dated in 1951.
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I have a 6th grade education but have alot of common sense.

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